• OKB has hit a new high with the live price as of Feb 16, at $48.54, with a 24-hour trading volume of $112,671,329.
• The development of OKB is backed by Malta crypto exchange OKEx and OK Blockchain Foundation. It is one of the most established globally and currently ranks fourth in trading volume and third in liquidity.
• OKB is the native asset of the OKEx blockchain (OKExChain). It gives users up to 40% discount on transactions based on how many tokens the user has.

OKB Price Hits New Highs on Blockchain Launch

OKB has hit a new high with the live price as of Feb 16th at $48.54, with a 24-hour trading volume of $112,671,329. This increase in price comes after the launch of the new OKBChain which will form the basis for an decentralized ecosystem by OKEx and its foundation.

Background Information

OKEx is one of the best global trading platforms since it was launched in 2017 as an offshoot of the original OKCoin platform which opened in China in 2013. It focuses on exchanging fiat currency for cryptocurrency and provides options trading through its cloud mining service for users along with margin trading functions and a multi-currency wallet.

What Makes OKB Unique?

The token that powers this ecosystem is called ‘OKB’ and it enables access to unique features such as voting & governing onthe platform, calculating & paying fees as well as rewarding users who hold it. It plays an essential role within this system by giving discounts to users basedon how much they have – ranging from regular users who are assigned levels basedon their stock to VIP users ranked according to their respective trading volumes.

Token Burning

To ensure its long-term stability, every three months tokens are burned from circulation to keep supply low while demand increases leading naturally to higher prices overtime – something that appears to be already happening!


In conclusion, we can see that due to its strong fundamentals combinedwith innovative features such as token burning & discounts for loyal customers–it looks like this might be one token you want to keep your eyes openfor!